Who doesn't love to collect pebbles from the sandy beaches? Softened by mother natures brushes of water, sand, ocean waves or bubbling rivers. My interpretation are three unique flatten pebbles with holes for your fingers. Stacked they look like a Cairns ... stones stacked upon each other. 
Price $160 for set of 3 as shown in first photo, one each: Brushed Silver, Black Oxidized Bronze & Clear Brushed Bronze. Surfaces have a natural texture.
Customs Available: Choose metals/combinations can take up to 3 weeks to ship due to casting schedule.
Individual Pricing:*Brushed Silver- $60  *Black Oxidized Bronze- $50.   *Bronze- $50
Set as shown, one of each. 
Handmade by me in my Santa Fe New Mexico studio.

Beach Pebble Stack Rings Mixed Metals